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The Indo-Naga Issue; The Way We See It

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/11/2020 12:33:12 PM IST

 So long as Nagas negotiate from a position of powerlessness, we will always be at the receiving end. We are fragmented along tribal and sectarian lines and split right down the middle along party political affiliations, based onan unjust and unequal socio-cultural, economic and political system.

The powerful, with its militaristic wherewithalwould continue to hold sway the Nagas and play the cat and mouse game.  We knew it all through, from the time the Negotiation parameters were brought down the level of talks - from the “highest” (PM level) to that of a Bureaucrat, from a “third country” to the first, and “without conditions” to high surveillance enclosures. 

Politics, indeed, is a ruthless game and we seem to have woken up to the harsh reality only now, after 70 odd years ofplaying to our adversaries’tunes. Unless we become powerful again, justice and peace will elude the Nagas beyond recovery. Because, we have already been sliding down the slippery slope, thanks to pliant collaborators in the past, and to this day. 

Detractors are but a given in any society and polity. They will always be there at every twist and turn to hoodwink and blackmail, by diverting, distracting, and digressing from the truth and nothing but the whole truth. That Nagas are a civilization, having survived centuries from colonization and alien occupation, standing strong till this day and age. Nagas have been duly recognized by successive Prime Ministers of its unique history and situation; but stopped short of by an unwilling and stiff-necked political regime. 

Be it within Naga Land or elsewhere, a vibrant democracy requires a good enough expanding space for all social and political activism, and nationalities to flower and flourish and is not unhealthy or threat to development or progress of a nation. But human rights defenders across India and around the world and nations seeking self-determination and sovereignty are increasingly threatened and scuttled of their democratic and legitimate voices and futures. All in the name of strategic geo-political interests and economic and expansionist imperatives, that are today fueled by the global neoliberal capitalism that prioritizes profit over people.This again is antithetical to the Naga ethos, world view and political economy. A future bereft of a level playing field for everyone is not a life worth fighting for.

Only you, and others like you, whose heart beats for Naga dignity, peace and freedom at all costs is the last remaining bastion that can hold fort the cause our ancestors lived, bled and died for. We appeal to this conscience of yours today, to join the rest of us in rising together to the occasion at hand, to become powerful. In thought and in speech. In our body language, upright and dignified. To negotiate for a win-win deal. To strengthen the hands of our Negotiators. To appeal for truth and reconciliation. Because nothing can be farther from the truth – that a divided Naga house is the least our freedom fighters, then and now, have yearned and fought for. 

For far too long, Nagas have been hidden from the gaze of the world. It is time we change that. Global solidarity for peacein Naga land has been long overdue. Let us emerge from our culture of silence and do our bit in the relay race our ancestors have left the baton behind for us – all through to the finishing line. 

The need for serious discussion and dialogue amongst Nagas to positively contribute towards achieving the political aspiration of our right to self-determination has necessitated the coming together in the form of Global Naga Forum (GNF) to find a shared narrative, to amplify the story of our common struggle for dignity and to build critical solidarity with peace loving humanity across the world.

GNF is a platform of Nagas from different walks of life living in different parts of the world. We are bound by our common aspiration and the desire to work for our people and the future. Kuknalim! 

Committee on 74th Naga Independence Day Celebration, Global Naga Forum


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