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The need to make collective effort to defeat COVID-19

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/1/2020 1:31:52 PM IST

 I t is very sad and alarming that Covid-19 is taking its heavy toll and we don’t know how many more will be succumbing to the deadly novel virus with whose real nature we are still not fully acquainted. It has caused untold fear, pain and discomfort all over the globe. Today, it has reached this farthest corner of the planet, where it usually takes much longer time to reach for anything that happens in other parts of the world. Few months ago, we used to hear of the horror of deaths making rapid progress in Italy, France, UK, USA, Brazil; then it slowly reached India and now the horror of death and suffering has come to this part of the land. It all began with the returning of thousands of state natives who had been stranded in other parts of India and the world. It began with the detection of one or two, then it reached a hundred, rose to hundreds, touched the first thousand mark and then rise to several thousands. The terrifying thing about the viral infection is that numbers of cases do not merely increase but multiply. It’s scary to speculate how many are going to get the infection, which could be anything from mild to lethal. Its nature of spread also is somewhat enigmatic as it is said to be not airborne, yet it can remain in the air for hours and that wearing of mask is essential. Moving around without facemask seems very risky and dangerous. If the virus can be floating in the air, then there is the possibility of the environment becoming increasingly contaminated with the rise of infected cases. The WHO has been regularly updating their information from one thing to another. An old word – quarantine -- became very popular all of a sudden. People who are suspected of having come into close contact with the infected are compulsorily kept in quarantine or isolation for at least 14 days and even 28 days if the testing facility is not available. However, if testing is done and they are found negative, they are discharged or allowed to gradually mingle with people, yet the simple thing like wearing facemask and other requirements are to be strictly observed as slight negligence can have dire consequences. 

Due to one or other reasons, today we are in a tight and somewhat unanticipated kind of disastrous situation. If the infected cases continue to rise incessantly, there will be overwhelming pressure on the capacity of accommodation, testing, medication of the infected. With the worsening of the situation, instead of indulging in blame-game, we need to co-operate with mutual compassion and understanding. We need to listen to the advice of medical experts and strictly follow the prescribed protocols that are essential for the prevention and cure of the infection. Slightest negligence and recklessness on the part of anyone of us is going to cause unwarranted misfortune and hardship. Quarantine centres, Covid care centres and hospitals are now overburdened and overcrowded, which is likely to lead to more casualties and deterioration of the health of the infected. In such time of crisis, the frontier warriors must be going through an extremely gruelling time. This is high time for collective effort to put a halt to the rapid rise of positive cases. We all need to contribute our mite to avoid the crisis from becoming insurmountable and total human disaster. Hence, the responsibility and accountability lie with everyone. Since simple things like wearing face covers, frequent washing of hands and use of sanitizer, strict maintenance of social distancing, remaining in isolation by the infected until they test negative etc are said to be the only means to avoid infection and its spread, we have to conscientiously do our part. 
With the projected infection of about 50% of the population of India by December 2020, there is no way that all the infected can be treated in hospitals or health care centres. The only relief being that 90% of the infected will be mild and that they will not even know they have been infected, which implies, if tested they will be positive. It’s going to be a paradoxical situation as for the majority of the people it’s going to be like normal time, but for the minority it’s going to be a volatile time. It will call for mature understanding and discipline among the people to observe the simple rules. The recent prediction by the WHO, that it may take only two years to get over with the pandemic, comes as both a relief as well as alarming warning. In a way, a problem, which will take only two years to come to its solution, can be said to be not an extremely big one; yet, if we try to properly digest the implication and ramification of the situation, certain questions arise in our minds. We have to speculate or try to imagine as to how many souls could be lost during the brief two years’ time in which we will be tussling with the virus before its final vanquish.
It seems increasingly imperative for each and everybody to be aware of and religiously observe the extremely essential but simple practices like wearing of facemasks/covers, frequent washing of hands, use of sanitizer, maintenance of social distancing of two meters that have actually become very popular but seem still neglected. Recklessness and carelessness in observing these simple things are going to have far-reaching consequences, which could mean deaths of so many people. While we are awaiting the arrival of the covid vaccine, we need to be extremely careful not to get infected as well as not to infect others. Strict observance of the simple practices, according to experts, is going to protect ourselves as well as others. Medical experts also maintain that strict observance and maintenance of the simple things are going to do bigger magic than blocking of roads or fencing of areas. However, the efforts and endeavour to combat the virus is going to be collective and concerted. We have to remember that even if some try to observe strict discipline, if some others are reckless, the situation will still be dangerous. There seems to be the need to launch mass awareness campaigns to make one and all fully understand the importance of observing the simple things that according to experts and WHO are the best means of prevention from infection. 
There is also the need to acknowledge and appreciate the untiring efforts made by the frontier Covid warriors who risk their lives in the fight against the wily monster. If it were not for our doctors, nurses, health workers, law enforcing agents, volunteers, the situation could have turned more serious and uglier. We need to thank our leaders and representatives too who have been racking their minds to formulate ways and means to effectively combat the dreaded virus of the century. Our print and electronic media have also been contributing much in collecting and disseminating valuable information to the people. Even as the virus intensifies its assault, there is an increasing need to wage a collective and concerted war against this mild looking deceptive slayer.
Khelsoril Wanbe

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