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The standpoint of what holds Nagas to its narrow edges of miniscule future

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/24/2021 1:34:06 PM IST

 The phrase “Man may come and man may go but I go on forever” from ‘The Brook’ written by Lord Tennyson is a clear indication of the ongoing one-sided compromising attitude of the wealth driven forces. When reconciliation should be facilitated within the tribal lines the contrasting motives of the unsought party is pouring petrol in fire. Instead of striving for the credibility of our existence in a way how a Nation should run, feeling the pressure of the habitual intruders in attaining the legitimate and inherent rights of the Nagas to retain what belongs to us should rather be critically analysed. For us, Nagas, we want justice to be done though the heavens may fall and anything short of that we’ll burned them at the stake.

Firstly, what is a National Flag?

It is defined as a flag that represents and symbolizes a given nation flown by the government of that nation and its citizens. A national flag is typically designed with specific meanings for its colors and symbols eventually for the occurrence of important historical events and implications. Now, with the signing of the Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015 based on the unique history of the Nagas the world knows what is to come and only an idiosyncratic spoonful of person whose knowledge is limited within the box will ignore the most crucial element in a Nation Building. When the protagonist is willing to accept the rights of the Nagas the conflicts within cannot arise for the negotiations are on to ameliorate the predicament and the Framework is a blank sheet to incorporate all the rightful inheritance bestowed upon the Nagas since its inception.

History has repeatedly taught us of the adversaries we are dealing with and failure to learn from it is just another folly. What do you know of politics, economy and social wellbeing when all you do is to muddy the water, bore a deficit of more than 2500 crores and an excellent sketcher in drawing the tribal lines? It’s just too brittle for the Nagas to be receptive of any solution when shattered walls and shabby cottages composes it’s landscape and we are still far off from the leisure and content of an Ivory tower. Let this be said in the true nature of the contemporary Nagas.

Another question of confusion leading to mass paranoia and misleading the civil societies is a conscious manipulation of facts to suit the needs of the vested interest and thereby increasing their presence by keeping the public in the dark.

When inclusiveness cannot be defined with their deeds the consensus they claimed is a distant reality. The gist here is not the distorted information to sabotage the inclusiveness but the courage to stand for the Nagas irrespective of how mighty the tempest may be. Our forefathers did not run away from the heinous treatment and exploitation meted out to them, and that’s all for their love of the Nation. Are you willing to concede and bootlick your personal gains and defy their sacrifices that have brought us thus far? Remember if you fail to read between the lines of History the ever increasing Nationalistic patriots will reap the failures of your undaunted decision.

Secondly, what is a constitution?

A constitution is stated as an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organisation or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed. The governance of an entity, no matter how complex it may be, can simply be ascertained with the customary laws in practice or, if not, amend it traditionally. If today’s generation failed to assimilate the pride of its culture the judgement of a lost tribe will be at the audacity of the present negotiators and when liquidation is at its peak the knowledge one acquired, be it in elementary education or higher surely needs to pay its price and the nature of propaganda one grows up with will surely precede the biased nature of that individual.

It is written in Matthew 7:1”Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. Likewise the aforementioned compilations of thoughts are not a prejudicial Criticism and neither should anyone be obnoxiously engulfed in the one-sided heresay from others. What matters for the Nagas now is to find a common ground for all to capacitate the unity in the way forward and the uniqueness of each tribe may be intriguing but to solidify it’s components Flag and Constitution will be a formidable tool given its peculiar contents. Let us not deny to contemplate the history in decision making for if we don’t know our past we won’t know where we will be going.

Masonao Yaring, 

Social Worker

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