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Time to wake up my friends, we are in a new normal now

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/11/2020 1:03:47 PM IST

 For a B.A 6th semester student like me, the pandemic did no favor. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic made a very deep impact in my studies and in my future career as a final year student. On one hand, the country is on lockdown for the safety of everyone. On the other hand, the average students like me are lost with uncertainty of where to go and what to do when the educational institution are being closed abruptly. We, as students have been shaken by the sudden and drastic impact both physically and psychologically. 

So many questions started to emerge in my mind. The first thing that struck  my head in this lockdown was the question of who am I?  Why I’m here? What are the purpose of my life in this vast cosmic arena with more than a billion of galaxies in the observable universe and a planet with more than the grain of sand from all over the beaches on earth? To find the purpose and understanding of my life I trace back to the place called Nagaland, my homeland.

When I pause and look at the present scenario of our society, it is completely broken down and yearning for help. The so called bureaucrats andeducated people are lost in corruption, the talented people are lost in the thin air with the lack of suitable platform, the students, Children and Youth are drowning in social media and online game. The question now arises with, who is responsible for framing the progressive society. I lost myself in a thought for a while and find myself as a right person to fight for corruption and in building the future of our society by mobilizing and driving the educated youth to achieve our goal of desire and so do you. The knowledge that we are imparted from the educational institution are not only meant for paving the way of earning and jobs, but also to train our competency in tackling the problems like this corrupted and imbalance society. Thousands of our youth are crying over social media with the banning of Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) but many do not know their stand or where they are proceeding. 

The years of education with dozens of degree certificates does not prove our intelligence without applying that knowledge to our society and bring about positive impact. I wanted to urge and appeal to my educated Naga brothers and sisters to think positively and be more rational in order to mold our society as we yearn for a better change. 100 years ago our great forefathers went to France and came back with a new vision of advanced countries but now having the best educational institution with a modern view of concept and brought up from civilized technological world, we don’t need to move out from our homeland to make a reformation. The era of shouting and protesting bears no fruit, now it is the time for you and me to move out from our comfort zone and play our part as responsible citizens. With the feelings and mindset of tribalism, nepotism and a few thousands rupees in our pocket during the election will ultimately lead to the downfall of our future. 

Wake up dear friends; let us know our purpose as a part of society and have a deeper understanding of the problems facing by the general public. Let us challenge and appeal to each others to build our betterfuture society. A political awakening is needed to make a reformation in society to let the young generation experience something new. From the time I understand the Naga society, there has been conflicts and corruption that I am familiar with. The only thing that I’m unfamiliar was Novel Corona Virus pandemic so called COVID-19. Lift up your heads and look out of your windows and see our society. Isn’t this the right time to act? Rather than pointing fingers at others. Let’s contribute one thing, one positive step each to make a better society. Let us not add up to the negativity to our society but add and contribute one positive thing wherever we are. 

This is the time to encourage each other, the young and dynamic leader with the new vision who can lead us to a promise land and this dream will achieve only when we come as one by eliminating the feelings and mindset of “ism” and work in cooperation and in unity, together as a team let us march to the promise land.  We never know which/what kind of person will be remembered in the next 200 years but let the history judge. Let us make a good history to be remembered well. Kuknalim

Vethito Chuzho, BA 6th Semester (History Hons), Modern College Kohima

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