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Triumph of the conservatives

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/29/2020 12:58:54 PM IST

 Defying stiff opposition and threats from the obstructionist Democrats and Liberals, President Donald Trump finally nominated Amy Coney Barrett (ACB), a leading voice of the conservatives, to replace Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) as a new Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). With a confirmation vote in a current Republican-majority Senate a matter of time and formality, the conservatives will now holds an unprecedented 6-3 advantage over the liberals in a 9-members Bench of Justices in the SCOTUS.

This nomination of another conservative justice for the SCOTUS will reshape American politics and the world for decades to come as the interpretation by the highest court of the country of some high-stake issues confronting not just America but the human society as a whole will happen under the firm control of the conservatives. The stake is high for humanity as SCOTUS and its decision matters massively in directing the course of American history. It is this institution that abolished the right to pray in schools in 1962 severely affecting religious liberty and passed an infamous Roe v Wade ruling in 1973 that grant abortion rights in the country as a result of which during that last four decades since this ruling an estimated 30 million lives have been destroyed.

The privilege of the citizens under the first amendment which protects individual’s right to life and religious liberty and the second amendment granting the right to self-defence will now be strengthen as these will be defended and will block any attempts in future to reinterpret these privileges. Abolishing these privileges of the citizens is the longstanding agenda of the liberals, and instead they seek to grant more power to government to regulates and dictate the life of an individuals. The conservative majority in the SCOTUS will help in the coming decades not only in defending conservative values in America but in promoting it through out the world.

An extremely powerful woman, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was at the centre stage of American politics for almost three decades and during which the anti-life politicians and activists attained immense powers. Republican Representative from Georgia Doug Collins on her death tweets: “RIP to more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that Ruth Bader Ginsberg defended pro-abortion laws”. Indeed Roe v Wade ruling made a remarkable inroad in the country during her times. Such was the tragic and contested legacy she left behind in the world. She was part of the bitter ideological divide that torn the nation between those who value life and those who celebrate destroying life under the guise of “choice” and between those who champion religious liberty and those who worship government and use it to trample people’s right to life and religion. 

While promoting liberal cause, the biggest mistake of RBG was her refusal to accept the fact that time was running out for her. If she wants her legacy to continue she should have quit during Obama’s presidency itself considering her advancing years and health issue that she was facing at the time. The then President would have enough time to nominate a Justice of her choice to replace her and continue her legacy. Now the liberals cannot complain that the current President did not choose a new Justice of their choice. 

And it’s no surprising that the Democrats and its cohort had to resorts to all sort of dirty politics and unconstitutional means to block the President from discharging his constitutional obligation of nominating her successor. The most ridiculous thing that the Democrats did is the citing of RBG’s last wish to obstruct the President from nominating new Justice: that RBG wishes not to appoint her successor until the new term of President begins. Unfortunately that is not how new Justice for the SCOTUS is appointed. But what are more appalling are the Democrats’ inconsistency, and the way they politicized the wishes of their late leader. Apart from her wish about her potential successor, RBG had more important wishes for her country. That includes her opposition to Democrats’ proposal for increasing the number of Justices in the SCOTUS as “bad idea” and her disapproval of knelling during national anthem as “dumb and disrespectful”. All this does not matter to the Democrats, and they show no interest to work towards fulfilling her wishes. But when it comes to appointing new Justice the wish of Late RBG becomes such a big issue for them. 

Another baseless argument of the Democrats was the allegation that the President was not following the 2016 precedent where in that election year Obama’s nomination for new Justice of the SCOTUS to replace Late Justice Antonin Scalia was blocked by the then Senate. The appointment of a new SCOTUS Justice followed a simple constitutional process. Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States empowers the President to nominate a new Justice and present to the Senate for confirmation. In other words, for a new Justice, the President nominates and the Senate confirm. Nominating a new Justice for the SCOTUS is in fact among the most important constitutional obligation for the President. The President’s role here is more of obligation than an exercise of authority, and Donald Trump’s act of nominating Amy Coney Barrett without delay is nothing more than discharging his constitutional obligation. The same process was followed in 2016 which permit Obama to name his own nominee but his nominee was rejected by the Senate. 

And as Democrats are left with no options to block the President from nominating new Justice, they began to resort to mob and intimidation tactics threatening to change the constitution that would suit to their agenda and even went to the extent of threatening to “burn down” the Congress/Constitution if the President goes ahead with the nomination. Democrats seem to be on a mission for creating a rogue state and send strong message to the world about how the nature of their rule would be if they regain power. Nevertheless, the conservatives’ consolidation in the SCOTUS will able to control this Democrats onslaught. 

Amy Coney Barrett represents the best of the conservatives in the midst of the world of turmoil. Emerge under the shadow of Late Justice Antonin Scalia, a legendary conservative jurist, ACB has a brilliant records of defending life and constitution. For her, all lives, including black and the unborn, matters unlike those anti-life protesters/activists in the street who are shouting “black lives matter” but cruelly endorsing murders of unborn babies.

The right to life and religious liberty are two inalienable rights of every human being that make life worthwhile and meaningful. Taking away these rights will make human being cease to be a human being. In the words of President Donald Trump these rights comes “not from government but from God”. It is therefore the moral obligation of the government to defend these rights on behalf on the people. And the good news for humanity is that the conservative-majority SCOTUS will be defending and promoting these rights in the coming decades.

Dr. Nsungbemo Ezung

Wokha, Nagaland

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