Why I don’t drink milk. (The Milk Theory) (contd… part - 13)

Why I don’t  drink milk. (The Milk Theory) (contd… part - 13)
By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/9/2019 6:01:04 AM IST


Modern scientists, devoid of any moral and ethical considerations, and without any regard and respect for the scheme of creation, have been experimenting with many things - such as frozen semen and genetic engineering of plants and animals etc, which are basically dictated by commercial interests of large companies. In my opinion, these kinds of scientific experiments are fraught with many dangers, if they are to be carried out on large or commercial scales, beyond the laboratory and experimental levels. We have already been warned by many discerning scientists about the possible adverse effects of genetically modified crops (GM crops) on human health and the ecology in the long run. In India also, there is already a big on-going debate and controversy on the introduction of GM cotton and GM brinjal, (also commonly referred to as Bt cotton and Bt brinjal, the acronym Bt being the short form for Bacillus thuringiensis) . In fact, these GM crops were already banned in many western countries due to the dangers they pose to the ecology. 

Theoretically and technically, scientists now think that they are capable of producing GM human beings also, who may rival the fictional ‘Superman’ of comic books. But till now, no country is bold enough to give permission for carrying out that kind of experiment. From the religious point of view, such actions will amount to deliberately messing up with God’s creation, (not sparing even His masterpiece, the human beings). It will also amount to a direct challenge to his authority and wisdom. God may not remain a silent spectator in such an event. He may even intervene in His own ways to thwart it, as He did during the Old Testament time, when, in spite of God’s assurance that He will not cause any flood in future,  there was attempt by mankind to pre-empt the effects of  any future flood by constructing the ‘Tower of Babel’ that would reach the sky!

As per the scheme of creation, a mammal mother will produce milk only during the short lactation period, which can also be said to be a transitional period. She will also produce only that much of milk as required by her baby/babies. Since man has curiously re-learned the practice of drinking milk after being successfully weaned, and long after his natural source of milk had dried up; and since other lactating women cannot be expected to provide milk for other adults, the burden has fallen on our domestic animal. As the normal cow cannot obviously meet such high and unreasonable demand, scientists invented or created the genetically modified cow. 

The GM cow has been there since the 1980s. The GM cow has unusually large udder so that she can yield more milk. But due to the unusually large udder, she can’t forage for her own food. She is kept in confinement, fed and milked for most of her life span. She is artificially impregnated, even much before her calf is weaned. She is milked even during her pregnancy. This over milking makes so much demand on her body that it sometime leads to breaking down of body tissues to produce more milk, causing metabolic disorder and system deficiency in her body, known as ‘ketosis’. Sometimes, due to rough and unclean hands of milkmen, or due to rigid pipes used to draw out milk from the nipples, painful sores, known as ‘mastitis’ may also develop in the nipples. Practically, she is designed for, and being used as a milk producing machine. 

Maneka Gandhi has been consistently campaigning against milk, saying that the milk industry, as it is being run now, involves so much cruelty to the cow and the calf. And I think she is absolutely right. The GM cow is also constitutionally weaker than normal cow. (This shows that no scientist can design any living being better than the original design of God). So, she has to be medicated most of the time; antibiotics and growth hormones being the most misused medicines these days, particularly in dairy and poultry industries. These medicines and hormones will ultimately find their ways into the milk. 

Going further beyond the GM cow, scientists have developed a new breed of cows known as ‘transgenic cows’. Permission for producing transgenic cows was first given by the Dutch Government in 1990, and the Chinese also followed suit in 2011 etc. Transgenic cows are produced by mixing the cow’s genes with that of human being, so that its milk will be more similar to human milk, and easier to digest for human babies. (I think this is one step closer to the idea of creating GM human beings discussed earlier. It also reminds me of God’s extreme anger during Noah’s time, when those who were not supposed to cross their genes, viz. human beings and supernatural beings, started to get married, which was discussed in Chapter-4 of this book). 

However, as stated earlier, most adults cannot digest milk, whether it is transgenic cow’s milk, or human milk, because after being weaned, our digestive system had already undergone drastic overhauling as per the scheme of creation. As for infants, mother’s milk is always the best; and there is no reason why it should be substituted by transgenic cow’s milk. If any mother does not want to feed her infant with her own milk, which God provides her for that very purpose, she is doing a grave wrong! Both she and her infant will have to suffer the consequences for this violation of nature’s law. We will discuss later in Chapter 20 how such an act can expose the mother to the risk of breast cancer.

I mention all these things to show how far human beings can go, or had gone in our search for what we consider to be the elixir of life, the milk! I have already discussed how this is a futile search. I think, human beings will have to pay a heavy price for messing up with God’s creation in our endless search for more and more milk, and for ignoring the voice of nature in our blind pursuit of what we think is development. As it is, we are already paying the price in various ways for ignoring or violating the principles of creation.

By Lalthara, IAS (Rtd), former Chief Secretary, Nagaland.


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