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Why not negotiate only for Naga country-Nagalim?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/2/2020 12:42:28 PM IST

 Through  reading some authoritative books and articles I have compiled this write-up and also take liberty to reproduce some very well said or well-pointed out facts of some relevant matters concerning Nagas past, present and future.

I use to wonder what is truly meant by Political Science. I heard once our Veteran Politician S.C Jamir said “Politic is an art of compromising”. By this “well –said word” I use as the “measuring root” assess the individual politician as well as the party.

I may say that only after I read the write-up Articles of Mr K. Puro and Mr Salikyu Sangtam which were published in Nagaland Post on 18.8.20 and August 20, 2020 respectively, I came to realise what is meant by Political Science. Mr K. Puro has rightly pointed out the truth that, It is certain that much anticipated settlement is without Sovereignty.... it is obvious that the Agreement is not for all the Nagas. It is nowhere near the Nine Points Agreement 1947 certainly short of the 16 points Agreement 1960, Definitely below the status of Article 37, A. may be worse than that of infamous shilling Accord 1975.... Imagine, the seven decade long struggle with flood and tears to be bartered with only a few Assembly and Parliamentary seats.... after sacrificing tens of thousands of precious lives from both sides, the Sol may not find any difficulty to sign the “final settlement within the constitution of India, provided that the Nagas are United ?....The Blood and Tears of the Nagas should not be exchange with “ Peaceful Solution” alone. Because final settlement will come only after the inherent rights of Nagas i.e Sovereignty and Integration are being attained.

In the write-up of Mr Salikyu Sangtam he also rightly pointed out that the term NAGALIM generally refer to the entire Naga inhabited regions (including its ancestral domain) in Myanmar and across the four North-Eastern states... The key legal term pointed in the Framework Agreement is not Nagalim but Nagaland, which is the legally recognized entity/state with defined boundaries and territory under the sovereignty of the Indian Constitution. To be very clear and specific, it simply means the issues of Naga Integration and Sovereignty are off the table and with it the issue of flag and constitution.

“Another significant point, Mr. S. Sangtam writes, is that the title does not mention NSCM (I.M) or (K) or (U) or (R) etc....Ravi can go and sign with as many splintered groups as there are in Nagaland......after settlement, if any groups continue to struggle for settled issues, they will be officially dealt per criminal law (ie armed gangs etc) and treated as law and order issues (which it already has). In other words, once the agreement is signed, even the NNPGs unrealistic claims about further pursuing for Naga Integration, Sovereignty etc through democratic process will be seen by Government of India and state Government as criminal activities carried out by “armed gangs” Hence the NNGPs must also make its stand clear and specific on this issue or rather remaining quite....Mr Salikyu in conclusion writes” I urge readers to prudently examine where we are heading and the kind of Society we want to leave behind for the coming generation.....”

I would also reproduce here once again the Question Mr Gwanphum Gangmei in his article in Nagaland Post has posed on 21.8.2020, “CAN NAGAS RIGHTS BE BARTERED OR NEGOTIATED? He writes “Nagas Rights are non-Negotiable or can not be bartered for any amount of material gain.”

Mr Thepfulhouvi Solo writes in his article Nagaland First (refer to Nagaland Post dated Nov 22, 2019) Nagaland has almost Sovereign freedom in its cultural domain. The constitution of India Article 371 A has 1. Not withstanding anything in this constitution. A) No Act of parliament in respect of i) religions or social practices of Nagas. ii) Naga customary law and procedure. Iii) Administration of civil and criminal justice, involving decisions according to Naga customary law. 

iv) Ownership and transfer of land and its resources shall apply to the state of Nagaland unless the legislative Assembly of Nagaland by a resolution so decides. Today we all know that we can’t expect any Prime Minister of India to favour Nagas by extending the recognition of the Sovereignty having a separate flag and constitution Furthermore, though the 9 points Akbar Hydari Agreement as well as the 16 points Agreement had stated that the contiguous Naga areas would be brought under one administration unit. It seems now a foregone conclusion that this commitment or these aspirations of Nagas could not be materialised by the GOI. The whole gamut of finalization of the Indo Naga political talk has now narrowed down to only the settlement of the Naga of the three States of Arunachal, Assam and Manipur in Autonomous council in their own respective states and 20 more MLA and 2 more M.P for Nagaland.

Do not belittle our beloved Grand Pa Dev Gowda’s  sayings who had said on 18th Aug. 2020 (Nagaland Post). “A peace Accord must be reached at the earliest. Distrust apparently has crept in, the progress made in the last 23 years in 5 successive government must not be forsaken now. There is constitution and also the 2015 framework agreement, which should help its move towards a solution”.

Gowda said he sincerely hope that distrust is put aside, talks continue and a peace accord is reached at the earliest. He added the people of the North-East deserve to live in harmony and witness economic progress.

Indeed, Ravi’s attempt of converting a political issue into a law and order problem and adapting a stratagem that resulted in the killing and arrest of its members is indeed an insult to GoI and to the Nagas Nation.

Let us ask ourselves again what do Nagas really want? We know that Nagas want (what is in their inherent nature for millennia) to assert our right to live in peaceful co-existence with our neighbours (and India or any other nation) as a free nation-people (not being subjugated or controlled by other nation) just as we had live with Britishers with Peace Accord at Mezoma led by Pelhou on 2nd March 1880 even without written Treaty) having our own self-rule or as self-administered county with our Flag, with our own Constitution and as under 37 A&16 points agreement and nine points Agreement with Hydari in 1947 June. For example in the Hydari Agreement, the Nowgong District forest which belonged to our Naga ancestors’ domain (see the map drawn by European in 1764 and the boundaries clearly stated by Briteshers vide was agreed to be returned to Nagas .

We Nagas always had our own defence force and systems in every village. Today, we have our Naga Army, (not armed gangs or miscreants or terrorists system) and we need to maintain a central Naga Army not to make wars with any but to defend and maintain peace, law and order-society as we had been doing throughout our generations. Indeed, we don’t ask Indian Government to grant us Sovereignty Independence or Constitution or flag. Because we have already all these things which India had accepted that our Naga issue is political and has become a nation as recognised by UNO. 

Mr Kewezu Mero, Joint Secretary and Caretaker, Naga Club Building Kohima in his book “The Story of NAGA CLUB”. He writes that the UNO resolution of 23rd July 2008 had officially declared that the Nagas are recognized as one of the unrepresented Indigenous peoples of the world. 

Therefore, the Nagas have the full rights to be a separate nation under UNO. This is a reaffirmation about the status of Nagas in the complete excluded Area. This complete excluded Area has the status of political Sovereignty. Naga Sovereignty emerged from the Memorandum which was submitted to the Simon Commission by the Naga Club. Therefore nobody can deny this truth that this is the property of the whole Nagas. Therefore, let all the Nagas reaffirm our stands on this truth of Naga sovereignty which foundation was laid by our forefathers through the Naga Club. On dedicating ourselves to this foundation, the Nagas shall reap the fruit of Peace, Love and Unity and glorify our almighty God.

But today what Nagas want is that if India desire to be our Benefactor, sponsoring us with Fund, Creating Upper House and PAN Naga Welfare Fund in the like manner of NEC and Lower House as state Governments or as Autonomous Regions with special grant of 20 more MLAs & 2 MPs more to the existing Nagaland State Government. Indeed, we wanted to have a dual citizenship and I think it is already in operation-Naga indigenous citizenship and Indian citizenship for travel abroad.

Dr Along Longkumer, a very senior and first grade Journalist, the founding Editor of Dimapur based Morung Express in his book, A Way Forward – the idea of a peace Accord between India and Nagas, has reproduced many important words of crucially important persons related to Indo-Naga Peace Accord.

A very senior political figure, P. Chidambaram during his tenure as the Union Home Minister of UPA (previous Congress) said... “Creation of Nagaland State could not solve the Naga problem. There is something quite significant.... Also, since under Article 371 (A) Nagaland already enjoys considerable autonomy, it is expected that any solution will have to go beyond autonomy (in centre-state relation) to the next higher status of political Self Rule from India. What this will therefore mean is that firstly, a political settlement has to be agreed upon and reached between India and the Nagas. Secondly, Nagas will have to be given a status higher than the present arrangement of autonomy and statehood.

Dr. Along Longkumer writes “K. Padmanabhaiah former Home Union Secretary who was the longest serving Interlocutor ( 1999-2009) should be credited for laying the ground works for the proposed Naga Peace Accord- the offer from the Government of India was“ the creation of a Naga Regional Council-comprising representative from all major Naga tribes in the North-East.

Dr. Along Longkumer writes, “Even the Naga National Council (NNC) under Phizo had taken the position that on broader issues, Nagas can be connected to India. The NNC while acknowledging the many connections that existed with India had called for unification and freedom of all tribes and as a distinctive community we must develop according to our genius, taste.......we shall enjoy home rule in our country but on broader issue be connected with India....For the present, the way possible (as explained in a previous chapter) self –rule for the Nagas and on broader issues to be associated with India. A meeting of minds and consensus among the Naga Political Groups should be explored on these points”. (p107).

Let us not be guided by the counsels of dirty minded people of Tribalism people or council or the leading of the ignorant people of political science but only harping for “peaceful solution”.

Let us make the right choice by reading Ezekiel 17:1-6 and 7-10 and meditate the vrs 14 and 15 Let  us be very cautious not to bring about repeat history as God words written in Zechariah 13;8. 

In very recent month, an elderly man (Naga villager) spoke in T.V in Naga Cable or MM Cable what God revealed to him. He said “If India swallows Nagas, India will be also swallowed”. And Nagas must abide in the policy or principles of NNC original which are now maintained under Adino NNC President Adino Phizo.

Dr. N. Kezienou, Kohima

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