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Women, respect your inner Queen

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/13/2021 1:21:15 PM IST

 I was reading a book called “Making India Awesome” written by my favourite Indian Author, Chetan Bhagat. I stumble upon a page where there was this essay titled, “Five things women need to change about themselves” which was thought provoking. Nowadays ‘Feminism’ is a word that is trending among women. We call ourselves feminists, but where are we headed to? Most of us are going nowhere. I’ll tell you why based on the essay i mentioned above and some of my thoughts that come from this little head. For all the talk of women being denied their proper place in the society, ladies need to do some self reflection too. 

Politically speaking, in the 57 year old history of the state, gender equity continues to be a far cry. Rano M. Shaiza was the first Member of Parliament among women in Nagaland in the year 1977. It has been four decades since then. Forget about a women becoming an MP, Nagaland has no ray of hope for women to get a seat in the NLA. Now, ladies, are we going to sit around and wait for an opportunity to be offered to us? I don’t think so. The problem lies with us too. If a women candidate comes up during the general elections. Will we vote for her? Majority will not. Because we, ourselves, think it is not right for a women to abandoned her duties as a wife or a mother and be involved in politics. We will be the ones to pull her down. Besides, we are slaves to many during elections. 

The constant desire to judge other women is a behaviour that needs to end among women. Despite knowing we ourselves are not perfect, we tend to judge other women from the way they dress to the way they sit. When we ourselves set such an example, how can we expect men to respect us for who we are?

STOP FEEDING MALE EGOS. Chetan Bhagat wrote, “A common female trait is the relatively quick adaptation to feed male egos. Laughing at men’s jokes when they aren’t funny, accepting a raw deal in an office assignment or playing dumb to allow a man to feel superior are just a few occasions when you do your own kind no favour”. Ladies this taking needs to end. 

No matter what conditions we are under, we need to be ambitious and dream big. If you are blessed with privilege to be educated, to go after your dreams, remember that you have a responsibility to make the lives of those who are less privileged than you better. Do everything you do with love and sincerity. 

We, women, like to call ourselves queens, whether we have a royal blood running in our veins or not, we are queens. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that. The problem starts when we don’t behave like queens. There are many of us who are stronger than men, more able than men and even more promising than men. I hope we will wake up today and respect our inner queen. We hold too much love and too much energy to keep to ourselves our whole lives. As much as our families and our nation need us, we need ourselves too. I hope you fix the crown on your head and know the responsibility that same crown carries today. 

Ms. Chongboi Singson, 

6th Semester, 

Department of Political Science, Modern College Kohima 

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