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Women’s Role in Socio-economic life of Humanity

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/8/2021 1:57:41 PM IST

 Woman is a priceless gift of God for all humanity, “and the rib which the Lord had taken from the man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man” Genesis2:22. God promised Adam to provide a help-met. Gen. 2:18. God therefore made man and woman, a pair, a scissors, missing of one blade of scissors would be nothing for another blade of scissors.

 The birth right of a “woman-created equal to man” is inheritances from God, and is a right from creation from God. “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh” said Adam. Gen.2:23. “…and they shall be one flesh” Gen 2:24 which means man and woman are equal. “Wherefore they are no more two, but one flesh” Mat. 19:6. Before the eyes of the Lord man and woman are equal in all respects and therefore man must respect the right of woman. God knowingly created woman weaker than man, because He wants woman the best HELP-MET for man. It is because woman enjoys more rights and privileges than man. Woman has bundle of rights and privileges and these are: - she is wife, she is mother, she is driver of the home, she is nurse, she is housekeeper, she is shopper, she is wage earner, she is teacher, she is an evangelist/missionary, washing expert and minister of a home. Can anybody snatch away these titles from woman? The answer is “none”.

 Let us turn to some bible women, Ruth, Esther and Miriam. Ruth was the queen of king Ahasuerus. When the king passed a degree to kill all the Jews all over his kingdom, Esther stood by the side of the Jews. She was a politician, a lawyer, defender of the Jews. She pleaded to save the life of the Jews and her husband, and so the king Ahasuerus obeyed her request. Esther is called the “Liberator of Israelites”

 Miriam was the priest of Moses and Aaron. It was she who agreed to watch the baby

 Moses bushes and suggested her mother as his nurse. In celebrating the crossing of the Red sea,

 Miriam the Prophetess (Ex.15:20-21) led the women in music, dancing and singing in praise of the Lord.

In the Middle Ages Florence Nightingale was the greatest of nurse and mother of Red Sea Cross Organisation. Greek and Roman women were treated as servant up to 1000 BC, but it is a forgotten story now, Buddhism and Jainism refused woman to admit them in religion. Hindu women were subjugated, remarriage after the death of her husband was not allowed. Sati prevailed during the 18th Century which followed the fall of Mughul Empire. However, emancipation of women started as early as 15th Century. Razia Begum, Chandbidi etc were admitted in administration.

 Women’s Indian Association was founded in 1917 and Ms Annie Besant, thousand of Indian women took part in the Indian independence under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. All Indian Conference 1926 had implemented the charter of women demands. Mrs. Muthulakshmi Reddy was elected as a member of Madras Legislative Council in 1926. The “Lady Dufferin Funf” was founded and financed education of women as Doctors, nurses, midwives etc and established Lady Hardinge Medical College in New Delhi.

After the passing of Govt. Of India Act 1935, many women become ministers in Congress Movement. Purdah system disappeared slowly. Women studied economics, Sociology, Science, Mathematics and so women are equally qualified with men. After Indian Independent in 1947, women and man came into a stage of equal rights and privileges in many aspects.

 In America Women’s emancipation was first started in 20th century. In England the women struggled for equal rights in voting in election. In 1928 they have succeeded and introduced Universal Franchise in England. The final target of women folk is motherhood. It is therefore not to worship the mothers, but recognized them as best assets for all of us and a priceless gift of God for all humanity.

Obang Ozukum, 

Aoyimkum, Dimapur

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