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WSYF representation to CM on Dimapur-Peren border dispute

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/1/2021 1:39:29 PM IST

 Submitted through Deputy Commissioner Dimapur on April 1, 2021


According the highest respect to your esteemed office, the Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) writes to apprise you of the urgent attention needed at the Dimapur-Peren inter district border which threatens to turn into a volatile situation involving different communities in the aftermath of the March 22, 2021 incident where three persons were killed by unidentified miscreants.

In this regard, it is pertinent to apprise you of the inception of Kiyevi Village and a Chronology of events and the contentions till date. Many views have been expressed in public domain after the March 22nd incident and the WSYF reiterates our condemnation of the killing and appeals that law enforcing agencies apprehend the culprits at the earliest. 

At this juncture, the WSYF with utmost sincerity and in good faith presents a chronology of events supported by relevant documents for your kind perusal and necessary steps.

The inception of Kiyevi Village under Dhansiripar Sub-Division, Dimapur with the Chronology of events and supporting documents.

Kiyevi Village was established in the year 1939 under Kohima District, before the creation of Dimapur and Peren District.

The land between Khuva Nallah and Lalung was declared by the then British India government as the Western Sema Region and the same was reaffirmed vide Pol Case No.-1 of 1953 (Kheyakhu G.B of Shokhevi Village Vrs. G.B of Semaguting) Annexure-I pp.1-2. (Map & Sketch Map attached at pp.3-4; page 23 may also be referred for name of Rivers).

3. Picture of Pillar Stone laid/erected by Mr. Lhothavi Sumi and Mr. Puti Zeliang between Sumi and Zeliang. (Ref. p.5).

4. Jhum Cultivation was carried out peacefully by the Kiyevi Villagers in the year 1940, 1956 and 1974 at the present disputed area.

a. As per the traditional practice, Jhum Cultivation is undertaken after a gap of several years. In 1985, when the Kiyevi Villagers went to the land for clearing jungle for jhum Cultivation, they were surprised to see the forest being cleared for cultivation by another group of people from outside their village.

b. The matter was taken up by EAC Jalukie Shri. N. Sangtam, NCS and it was settled by the order by EAC Jalukie vide dated 26/10/85 that an amount of Rs. 1500 was paid to Kiyevi village, as tax deposited by 10 (ten) person @Rs. 150/- per kheti from Mhainamtsi village in connection with the cultivation of TRC kheti within Kiyevi village. The amount was received by Shri. K. Yeshito GB & representative of Kiyevi Village Council (Receipt attached at p.6)

5. In 1992 a group of villagers from Mhainamtsi Village undertook Govt Contract in the present disputed land without the approval of Kiyevi Village (who are bonafide land owner). Therefore, the Kiyevi Village Council complained to SDO(C) and accordingly the case was settled by SDO(C) Jalukie along with DBs and Departmental representatives from the Soil & Irrigation vide order NO.GA/ADMN-3/77 dated 6th July 1992. The estimated cost of seven Irrigation projects & Terrace field by Mhainamtsi in the land of Kiyevi village were prepared and submitted by expert Technician detailed by SDO Irrigation, Jalukie. The total cost of Irrigation & Terrace field was estimated to be Rs.1,46,736/- (Rupees one lakh forty six thousand seven hundred thirty six only). The Kiyevi village was asked to claim the compensation from Mhainamtsi (Copy of Case Settlement Order attached at Annexure -III p.7-8).

6. In 1996, Kiyevi Villagers undertook Jhum Cultivation in the current disputed area without any disturbance.

7. In the year 2000 some outsiders (Rongmei from Manipur) were clearing the jungle in the present disputed land of Kiyevi village for cultivation and unfortunately, six of them were killed by unknown persons on 4th May 2000. (Ref p.9).

8. On 26th Sept 2000, the State Government set up a Committee for inter district boundary between Kohima District and Dimapur District Government vide letter No. CNL-27/2/96, under the Chairmanship of Shri. R. Ezung, the then Secretary, Home. The Committee is commonly known as R. Ezung Committee. (Ref p.10).

9. The Committee had a meeting at Hotel Tragopan, Dimapur on 30th March 2001 in the presence of SDO(C) Jalukie and ADC Dimapur along with the representatives from both the parties. It was decided by the representatives of the Zeliangrong and Western Sumi Hoho that the issue is returned to the Inter District Boundary Committee for Final Settlement. (Ref pp.11-12).

10. Contrary to the decision of the State Government, Zeliangrong Baudi and Western Sumi Hoho; the Lamhai village council issued authorization to outsiders for establishment of new village in Kiyevi village land on 4th September 2018. (Ref p.13).

11. In June 2019, a group of Zeliangrong started jungle clearance to establish village at the land illegally allotted by Lamhai Village Council vide its letter dated 4th Sept 2018, page 13 (within Kiyevi Village Land).

12. Another illegal authorization of Kiyevi’s village land was issued by the Lamhai village Council to Zeliangrong people on 4th December 2018. (Ref p.14).

13. The Kiyevi village Council and affected neighboring villages submitted representation to Deputy Commissioner Dimapur on 19th June 2019. (Ref pp.15-20).

14. On 14th June 2019 Deputy Commissioner Dimapur Shri. Kevekha Kevin Zehol, NCS wrote letter to commissioner Nagaland vide letter No DCD/MISC/2015-D/1841-46, dated 14th June 2019 stated that on spot verification and on enquiry it was found that few people had pitched 6 (six) temporary tarpaulin tents. On further enquiry, it was reported that the present site/land has been gifted to Zeliangrong Baudi by Lamhai Village for establishing a new village. It was also reported that 20 household from Lamhai village and 3 household from Mhainamtsi village would migrate and join the new proposed village. It was also stated that Kiyevi village reported that people who had come for establishing the new village were armed with sophisticated weapons. However during the time of spot verification the same was not seen. (Ref p.21).

15. On 17th June 2019, Commissioner Nagaland, Shri. M Patton, IAS vide NO.CNG-1/45/COM/KHEHOI-2018/14 (Ref p.22), directed both DC Peren and Dimapur to submit the status report in connection with New Village (Lamhainandi) and confirm:

i. Whether it is purely within Lamhai village jurisdiction as asserted by the Zeliangrong Baudi (N)

ii. If any dispute with the neighbouring villages

iii. Which are the neighbouring villages.

iv. As the demarcation of Peren and Dimapur are currently under examination of the Government, but which district looks after the area in question presently, and submit report at the earliest.

16. Accordingly, on 21st June 2019, Shri. Kevekha Kevin Zehol, NCS, the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur vide No.GEN-9/2017-D/541-47 submitted the status report (Ref pp.23-26) stating that:

i. Kiyevi village was established in the year 1939 and was placed under erstwhile Kohima District. The land between Khuva Nallah and Langlung River is known as Western Sema block as per the documents made available by the Western Sumi Hoho and Kiyevi Village.

ii. The proposed new Village Lamhai Namdi is bordered by Kiyevi, Vihuto (unrecognized), Mhainamtsi and Khehoi Village (unrecognized). It may be mentioned here that in the year 2000, 6 (six) persons belonging to Mhainamtsi Village were ambushed and killed near the present location where Lamhai Namdi Village is proposed.

In his report, he also enclosed the spot verification report submitted by SDO (C) Dhansiripar dated 14th June 2019 (Ref pp.25-26).

The Deputy Commissioner summed up the report stating that the authority is aware that two disputing parties cannot resolve their own dispute within themselves. 

17. With reference to the report of both Deputy Commissioners, the Home Commissioner, Shri. R. Ramakrishnan, IAS on 25th June 2019 issued an order to maintain Status-Quo and directed both sides not to undertake any further activities. [Home Commissioner order No. GAB-1/333/2014(Vol-I)]. (Ref p.27).

18. Even after clear directives given by the State Government, the Lamhai Council allowed their people to continue developing the village. (Picture attached at pp.28-30)

19. On 22nd September 2019, the Rongmei Council Nagaland (RCN) issued a press statement clarifying that the RCN “has nothing to do with the establishment of the contentious Lamhainamdi village”. (Ref. p.31)

20. The Deputy Commissioner Dimapur Shri. Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS submitted joint verification report to Commissioner Nagaland, vide order NO.GEN-9/2017-D/11489-92, dated 1st February 2021 stating that some activities is being carried out allegedly by people belonging to Peren District and requested to issue directives for maintenance of Status Quo to parties concern to avoid any law and order situation. (Ref. page 32-33)

21. Joint verification report by the District Administration of Dimapur and Peren on 5th March 2021 stated that some outsider cleared the jungle including cutting of teak plantation in the adjourning areas of paddy field which has been cultivating by Kiyevi village for many years. They have also constructed Kaccha houses, proposed Prayer Centre etc. at page 34. (picture attached at pp.35-37)

22. On 19th February 2021, the suspected Zeliangrong attacked the Khehoi village and burnt down houses, and also destroyed plantation, crops etc. but surprisingly there was no condemnation/action by the State Government nor from the Civil Societies. (Enclosed Video Clip)

23. Zeliangrong people continued to develop, construct houses, cultivate by deliberately destroying the plantation of Kiyevi village and established a new self-style Lamhainamdi village in Kiyevi land. They also threatened, provoked Kiyevi villagers and the neighboring Sumi villages with blank fire of guns and by flashing torch lights at night towards Sumi villages.

24. Inspite of reports submitted by the District Administration to the higher authorities, the State Government failed to protect the land of Kiyevi village and its citizens and neighboring Sumi villages; thus leading to the unfortunate escalation of violence on 22nd March 2021, which could have been avoided had the State Government intervened timely.

25. Even after the incident, the so-called Lamhainamdi villagers are still engaged in developing the land and constructing houses in Kiyevi Village land, guarded by the miscreants.

Although the above documental evidences clearly show the disputed land to be under Kiyevi village which falls under Dhansiripar sub-division in Dimapur district, there has been wide attribution of the incident to have happened at so called Lamhainamdi in Peren district. 

In the light of the above stated facts and understanding the fact that boundary between the two districts are yet to be demarcated and also the fact that the government has issued order to maintain status quo in the disputed area, the WSYF appeals the State Government to immediately intervene by driving out the illegal settlers in the so-called Lamhainamdi from the disputed land by reiterating the earlier order of the State Government No. GAB-1/333/2014(Vol-I) issued on 25th June 2019 to maintain Status-Quo and direct both sides not to undertake any further activities.

The WSYF also appeals the State Government to finalize the Inter-District boundary between Dimapur and Peren districts at the earliest so that the issue is solved once and for all.

Yours faithfully,

Mughavi Awomi, President, Western Sumi Youth Front

Bohoi Yeptho, General Secretary, Western Sumi Youth Front

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